The whole sneaker resale industry and the rise of platforms like StockX are pretty new, especially when compared to established companies like Amazon, Etsy, or Best Buy. Because it’s new, the technology has always been behind. 

When Best Buy sells an item in-store, the item quantity is reduced on their website so somebody doesn’t buy the same item. Sneaker resale stores weren’t able to accomplish the same thing.

This is called cross-listing, and it may be the saving grace of your resale business or your side hustle.

There are two main benefits to cross-listing, the first being time saved. Instead of going through four different tabs and listing on eBay, then your PoS, then another platform or two, cross-listing lets you do that from one spot.

The second benefit is delisting. No more double sales, because cross-listing delists the item on all platforms after the item is sold. This takes away unneccessary expenses that resale stores assume sometimes. 

So, by cross-listing, a resale business saves money and can move their items faster. 

Leaving the old ways of sneaker resale in the past is not a bad thing. Sometimes it’s awkward or unnatural to change your whole sytem up, but let’s be honest, it’s probably necessary.

Double sales of items can also leave confusion about inventory and lead to you thinking you have more or less than you actually have.

So, it’s time to move on from switching between four tabs and getting the occasional double sale. Copyt’s cross-listing (for both enterprises and individuals) will turn your business around.

Mateo Moyon

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