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Copyt is a Recommerce Automation Software for sneaker resellers. 

After Reslleing sneakers on our own for a decade, we noticed some problems that needed solving. The amount of time it took us to log our inventory, list it, and prevent double sales while consistently sourcing new inventory and keeping customers happy became just about impossible. We love to buy sneakers and we love to sell sneakers, but everything in between a buy and sale… not so much. 

From this, Copyt was born.

Copyt brings inventory management, financial analytics, listing, and delisting together into one powerful software. We’ve built tons of features specifically for sneaker resellers that you won’t get anywhere else.

If you just registered your Copyt account, look out for an email from with the subject line “Verify your email” to finish setting up your account. It can take a couple seconds to show up, but if you cannot find it right away, be sure to check your spam folders.

Copyt has a lot of features that will always be free. But, some of them are paid.

Inventory management and analytics will never cost you a cent. We were so tired of our messy spreadsheets that we had to offer an alternative for free. 

To get access to our most exclusive features like automatic listing and delisting, a 1.5% fee is applied when an item is delisted. This way, you only pay when you make a sale with Copyt. 

We also have an enterprise account for large resellers. There is a monthly subscription associated with this account type. 

Read more about our account types on our Features Page.

We developed Copyt with resellers of all sizes in mind. 

Our individual account is perfect for small to medium sized resellers. All of the essential features to up your resale game are offered on this account. Additionally, the features are all free besides the 1.5% delisting fee if you take advantage of our automatic listing and delisting features. 

Our Enterprise Account is for high volume resellers, Buy Sell Trade Stores, and Consignment Shops. We have developed some very powerful features for this account type that will change the way your store operates. Website Integrations, Bulk Tools, Smart Pricing, and Streamlined Consignment Intake are just a few to start.

Visit our features page to read more about what Copyt has to offer. 

We are working hard with our developers to get Copyt into the app store. The wait is almost up!

Until then, access the full version of Copyt through your web browser. We are on mobile and desktop.

Sneakers are our specialty, but it’s not all we do. 

Copyt recently added functionality for apparel items in to our Enterprise Accounts. This feature is in Beta testing. We are still fine tuning our apparel functionality before we bring it to everyone. 

Expect additional integrations and autofill just as smart as with sneakers when support for apparel is finally here!

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As an Individual user, you can currently list to eBay, StockX, and Grailed, though our StockX and Grailed integrations are in Beta. In addition, you can now create a batch of your inventory and list to your favorite consignment shops right through Copyt!


As an Enterprise user, you can currently list to eBay, StockX, Grailed, Shopify site, Shopify POS, Clover POS, and Square POS.

Yes! We are already working on adding more integrations very soon to help you get your products to even more marketplaces! In the meantime, stay tuned to our weekly newsletters to hear about the progress we are making.

A common issue that causes listing failures on eBay is not having updated Business Policies, but there a very quick, one-time fix to this issue. Check out a tutorial here.

Additional Support Materials

The Copyt Devs page on X gives updates on new Copyt Features for you to use. Or, if there is a function that isn’t working, you are kept in the loop.

Copyt also offers YouTube videos as additional support for certain features. These videos explain how to use the feature as well as how it can benefit your business.

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