Our most powerful offering ever.

Copyt’s Enterprise Account is ready for your Buy-Sell-Trade or Consignment Store.


Powerful Features

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Essential integrations

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What can Copyt's Enterprise Platform do for your business?

Manage Processes

Team. Inventory. Time.

Centralized Systems

Copyt brings your showroom, backroom, and website together to make your business run smoother than ever.

Track Inventory

Whether you have one store or six, you probably have too much inventory to count. Easily organize and locate inventory across multiple locations on Copyt. 

Monitor Performance

Analytics are automatically calculated and displayed on your Dashboard at all times so you’re never in the dark on your profits. 

Serve Customers

Quickly & Efficiently

Manage Consignor Payouts

Everything consignment in one place. Pay out consignors one by one or in batches. 

Backroom Organization

Keep your customers from waiting by using our Internal SKU tracking. Always know where shoes are in the back. 

Consignment Tracking

Consignors can track their items every step of the way. No more unnecessary emails or calls. 

Website & POS Integrations

Link your site and POS for seamless selling across all channels. 

Do What You Love

Be a Sneakerhead.

Buy & Sell More.

Focus on buying and selling more than ever while Copyt does the work for you in the background. No more checking your phone during a family dinner to prevent double sales. 


Sneakerheads are anything but conventional. Copyt is our contribution to pushing the community ahead. What’s yours?

Build Community

Whether it’s interacting with customers or making connections with other stores, you’ll have more time to do it with Copyt.

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Inventory management

 Built by sneakerheads, this account has everything you’ve never had from of a resale platform. Optimized for high volume resellers, Buy – Sell – Trade, and Consignment Stores. 

Beautiful Inventory Management. All in One Place.

Inventory Cards

All the important details of each shoe at a glance. Click on an item to view all.


By Brand, Size, Condition, etc.

Smart Search

By any characteristic.

List All

List Some, One or All of your current inventory with one click.


Consignment has never been easy… now it is.

Accept or Deny Applications

Keep a close handle on who consigns and who doesn’t. Consignors can apply to do business with your shop through their individual account for a seamless experience.

Organize Payments

Use the Ledger to keep track of consignor payouts. In the future, you’ll be able to payout directly through Copyt.

Keep Consignors Up to Date

Consignors are able to log into their Copyt account and track their shoes as they go through the consignment process. Copyt gives them updates as they arrive to your shop, get listed, and then ship out to their new owners. 


All of your important analytics live on The Dashboard. Quickly check up on all of the important numbers here.

1. Quick Stats

All of the most important numbers are just a click away on Copyt. Total sales, costs, profits and more are displayed at the top of the screen. 

2. Date Filters

Break down your stats with our built in date filters. No formulas needed. 

3. Graph

Weigh your Costs, Revenue, and Profits against each other in our IER graph. 

4. Brand Breakdown

Not sure what kind of inventory is moving best? For us it’s Jordans. Check up on where you’re performing best on the Total Sales Brand Breakdown Graph.

5. Listed vs. Sold

You can never sell too many sneakers, but bringing in too much inventory too fast can be a problem. Keep your inventory flow balanced by keeping up with your listed vs. sold sneakers. 

Smart Listing & Delisting

Our 6 integrations allow us to offer something that has never been done before: Smart Listing & Delisting.

Website. Backroom. Showroom. Consignment. 

How It Works

List with a Single Click

Instantly list inventory across your website, POS system, and eBay with just one click. Our smart pricing tool helps maximize your profits.

Smart Delisting

When your item sells, Copyt instantly delists all other active listings to prevent a double sale. 


Easily manage all of the listings on your site from one place. 

Payment Processing

Seamlessly integrate your Shopify POS, Square POS, or Clover POS with your Copyt account.

1. Overview

Smart Autofill

Enter the item SKU and watch the rest of the page fill up with details.

 If you’re on mobile, point the barcode scanner at the box and never touch your keyboard. 

Uploads Made Easy.

2. Inventory Details

The Essentials

Size, Tag Status, Condition, & Flaws are all logged here. DS is default, so be sure to change this for any used items. 

Copyt also writes a listing description for you to save even more time.

3. Pricing

Smart Pricing Tool

Set a margin above StockX in account settings. When prices increase on StockX, Copyt increases your price to hold your margin. 

4. Images

Automatic Stock Photos

Save the hassle of finding images in your camera role. Stock photos auto populate for all new listings in Copyt. 

5. Shipping

Integrated & Easy

Dimensions and weight of your kicks automatically fill with every upload. Information is imported to Shopify for seamless label printing. 

6. Inventory Tracking

Organized & Automatic

Internal SKUs are generated for every item when you link your Shopify site. Whether you have one store or multiple, Copyt makes it easy to find shoes when you need them.

Our Integrations

Website Integration

Seamlessly list all available inventory directly to your Shopify website. Listings work like a vending machine to prevent website clutter and maximize volume. Sell a shoe? Any other active listings will be automatically taken down. 

Point of Sale Integration

As soon as a customer makes a payment, Copyt starts working. Listings will be delisted and analytics will be recorded in your Dashboard. Take payments and forget the rest. 

Point of sale integration

As soon as a customer makes a payment, Copyt starts working. Listings will be delisted and analytics will be recorded in your Dashboard. Take payments and forget the rest. 

Point of Sale Integration

As soon as a customer makes a payment, Copyt starts working. Listings will be delisted and analytics will be recorded in your Dashboard. Take payments and forget the rest. 

ebay png

Marketplace Integration

Copyt is officially integrated with eBay. Experience the full power of our Smart Listing & Delisting on eBay. A 1.5% transaction fee applies only if your item sells on eBay.