November and December are without a doubt the most chaotic and busy months of the year for resellers. People who aren’t normally involved with reselling are buying pairs as gifts, which creates a surge of sales. We’ve created a series of ways you can capitalize on the holiday season resell rush and maximize your profits while doing it. 

1- It may be late now, but increasing all inventory before the holiday season is the first step. All shoes fly off the shelves, so whatever you can get your hands on for a good price, take it and flip. Some notable pairs that do very well during the holiday season are:

    • All “basic” shoes–Triple White AF1s, basic colored Dunks (PANDA’S!!!!!!!!!), etc. Reference StockX’s Trending Sneakers.
    • College colored Dunks– every kid at University of Southern California wants a pair of the Dunk ‘USC.’


2- Start selling early (now). Some people are ahead of the curve, and sales really start to pick up around mid-November. Even if the margins aren’t what you want initially, the quantity of the holiday season will compensate for the $10 more you could make on one pair. By getting an early start, you are maximizing profits in the long run.

3- KEEP BUYING. Some resellers go out of business. Some throw Black Friday/Christmas deals. If you see a pair for a good price, get your hands on it and flip it immediately. The market is (in lots of cases) as high as it will be, so now is the time to hit a quick resell if you can. 

The overarching theme to all of this, though, is to stay on top of it. If something sells, act quick. If you see a deal, act quick. There are more eyes on every product than usual, so you don’t have the same time to think. Good luck, consider Copyt, and have a happy and successful end of the year!

Mateo Moyon

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