In the resale industry, there is one fact that always remains true: high volume is key.

In consignment, this is especially true. You probably aren’t making much more than the price of dinner on any given pair of shoes.

For some sneaker shops, consignment is not much of a factor of business, and that’s okay. But, the ceiling for a well-run consignment operation is infinite. Consignment is (mostly) passive income.

We have good news and bad news. Bad news first.

Unfortunately, consignment (and really all of the sneaker resale world) are stuck in the past with its technology.

Consignment requires lots of organization and time, and labor costs are very real. If it were easy, everybody would consign.

The good news, though, is consignment doesn’t have to be hard.

Copyt‘s software simplifies the consignment process and eliminates nearly all of the time consignment used to take up.

Customers can submit to their store of choice directly from the Copyt platform. The store can accept or deny the shoe.

When the store accepts the shoe, it is listed on the website or can be sold in person. Either way, when it sells, it’s recognized as ‘Sold,’ and is taken off the website.

Copyt gives a breakdown of cost and profit for each shoe, and the customer is easily paid out. During the whole process, the customer is kept in the loop via email.

All of the factors that turned you away from consignment have been removed. It’s easier to get passive income now more than ever.

Let’s continue revolutionize sneaker consignment together. Get started today.

Mateo Moyon

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