Copyt has many tools, ranging from inventory management to consignment and cross-listing. One of our customers most used and liked parts of Copyt is how Copyt makes sneaker inventory management easy.

As a whole, the sneaker resale industry is far behind the rest of the world in technology. Spreadsheets are still seen as an option for inventory, and there are not many options to improve your business model.

Nearly every industry has a system to keep tabs on specific inventory–a grocery store knows how many apples it has, for example.

The collectable sneaker industry is starting to catch up, and Copyt throws redundant tasks like inventory mangement out of the window.

Once your inventory is uploaded, you will never touch a pen and paper again, and inventory management times drop by 15x. Listing one pair across several platforms would take 2.5 minutes before, and takes about 15 seconds with Copyt to do the same–across all platforms.

And if you don’t want to list a shoe but have it in your inventory? Stick it in the Unlisted tab. 

Tracking your orders as you ship them also becomes much easier with Copyt. You can see when an order has been processed, so you aren’t wondering if you shipped it yet.

Within Copyt’s Inventory platform, you can also see brief statistics about each shoe: a picture, name, buy and list price, and more.

We know you don’t start reselling sneakers unless you’re a sneakerhead. Copyt enables you to do that, and you can spend your time doing what you want to do–not worrying about keeping track of your inventory.

Mateo Moyon

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