Copyt co-founder Brett Nilsen recently caught up on Instagram Live with The Kicks Source owner Sam Armardi to get his review of Copyt. 

Sam’s store, The Kicks Source, is at 200 Carroll St #160, Fort Worth, TX 76107, and offers inventory online at

Sam discussed that managing consignors is one of his favorite parts of Copyt, and The Kicks Source has had through huge consignment growth after adopting Copyt.

He mentioned how The Kicks Source were all-in on every pair of shoes before growing consignment.

With more shoes coming in and out by consignment, cash flow becomes more constant, and while the margins aren’t as high, profits come more frequently. 

Sam also mentioned Copyt’s inventory management, and how your money is not completely tied up into it.

Since starting with Copyt, he has been able to spend more time and money on growing his business, not worrying about the tedious parts of running a business. 

We appreciate Sam for linking up with us and giving us some insight, and definitely check The Kicks Source out. To get started for your store, check out our features, or contact us by DM or interest form to get started. 

Mateo Moyon

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