Michael Jordan’s greatness is never doubted. He dominated on the court and now runs the sneaker game. The most valuable collection of Jordan’s sneakers, one from each of his championship-clenching games, is set to go on auction. This collection is called “The Dynasty Collection” and is one of the rarest sneaker collections ever. 

The Dynasty Collection has six shoes, one for each championship:

Air Jordan VI- The 1991 Bulls’ 108-101 victory over the Lakers in game 5 gave Jordan and the Bulls franchise both their first championships.

Air Jordan VII- Jordan’s decisive 33/4/4/4 performance sealed the deal against Portland in game 6 and gave the Bulls their second title in a row. 

Air Jordan VIII- In only the third three-peat in NBA history, the Bulls topped the Phoenix Suns 99-98 to give Jordan his third ring. 

Air Jordan XI- After a break to pursue baseball, Jordan came back in 1996 to win again, this time in game 6 against a strong Seattle Supersonics team led by Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. 

Air Jordan XII- In the notorious ‘Flu Game,’ Jordan put on an impressive 39/11/4/1/1 performance to beat the Utah Jazz in game 6 for his fifth ring. 

Air Jordan XIV- the Bulls got the best of Utah for the second year in a row to win their second three-peat. Fueled by Jordan’s 45 points, this game marked the end of the Bulls dynasty.

The Dynasty Collection is estimated to sell for up to $100 million and is sold by an undisclosed seller through Sotheby’s. The shoes are currently on tour in Dubai and will go to Hong Kong and Singapore before they are sold. 

For the sneaker community, this shatters any previous record for most expensive sneakers. The most expensive single pair sold are Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy 1 ‘Grammy’ for $1.8 million. Assuming The Dynasty Collection goes for anywhere near $100 million, it will change the sneaker game forever. The on-court debate for the GOAT may last forever, but Jordan’s GOAT status in the sneaker game can’t really be argued after a sale as big as this one. 

Personally, I have mixed emotions about this collection and its selling price. Obviously it isn’t meant for the regular people of the world to buy, which makes sense because of the rarity of The Dynasty Collection. This is without a doubt the craziest sneaker news I’ve seen. A jump from $1.8 million to $100 million does scare me a little bit though, because once that standard is set, prices will only go up for you and I when we collect our measly $200 shoes to look good walking down the street. 

On the flip side though, the sneaker reselling business continues to skyrocket, and a purchase like this brings eyes to the industry, leading to more recognition and business opportunities. It’s definitely a good thing for the small-scale shoe-flipper to have more attention on their products, after all. 

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