One of the most popular platforms for reselling sneakers and streetwear is Goat. However, with so many resellers competing for the same items, it can be challenging to find a good deal. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can leverage other sellers’ pressure to sell items quickly and get great deals on Goat.

  1. Make reasonable, yet very low offers on all items.

The first step is to make offers on all items, regardless of whether they are tier-one or tier-two items. Tier-two items may not get as much attention as tier-one items, but they still have consistent sales volume on other platforms like eBay, StockX, and Stadium Goods (think semi-recent Jordan 1 Mids, Jordan 1 Lows, Jordan 4s, etc.). These items will typically have no pending offers on them or a current top offer that is at least $70-$100 under the Last Sale price, so just throw up an offer that is somewhat reasonable, but still well below market. For example, offering $300 on a show that sells for $400 has a higher likelihood of getting accepted at some point than a $150 offer on a $400 item. Casting a wider net and making reasonable, yet very low offers on as many items as you can will give you the best chance of finding a desperate seller who is willing to take your top offer. 

  1. Wait.

After making your offers, you’ll need to wait (maybe an hour or maybe a couple of weeks) for a desperate seller to take your top offer. Desperate sellers are those who need to sell their items quickly, and they are willing to take a lower price than they would generally accept. These purchases won’t happen immediately or super frequently, but it takes little to no time at all to make these offers and they can have 10-30% upside. 

  1. Buy low, sell for more than pay.

Once a seller accepts your offer, you’ll get the item for way below market value. This is where you’ll make your profit. If you did it right, you should have a very healthy margin to work with, enabling you to turn around and sell them on other platforms like StockX, eBay, or Stadium Goods almost instantaneously. In fact, you can just relist the item right back onto Goat to sell!

  1. Repeat the process.

Finally, to make the most of reselling on Goat, you’ll need to repeat the process. Keep making low offers on all items, and you’ll eventually find another desperate seller who is willing to accept your offer. Over time, you’ll build up your inventory and your profits.

In conclusion, reselling on Goat can be a profitable venture if you know what to offer on. Compared to platforms like StockX that have absurd fees on the buyer’s side, Goat offers a great opportunity for resellers to make easy profits on various items. All it takes is a few seconds to toss out an offer on an overlooked item and wait for a desperate seller to accept it. WARNING: Some Goat sellers have the tendency to ship incorrect SKUs, worn items, and fake items that Goat will catch in their authentication process and cancel the purchase for you, so the only risk in this venture is having your money tied up for a couple of days while you wait for the purchase to be refunded.

**You can maximize profits here if you have a sales tax-free state address to ship to**

Check out one of my recent deals where I purchased a Jordan 1 Mid Diamond Shorts size 10.5 for $115.50 and sold them right back on Goat 11 days later for $148.93. Easiest 30% profit ever.

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