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Copyt puts time back in your day by automating the most time consuming parts of reselling.

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We made Copyt for resellers big and small. Whether you’re moving ten items or ten thousand, the sky is the limit with Copyt.


1.5% Delisting Fee
  • For small to medium sized resellers
  • Track Financials in One Place
  • Full ebay Integration


$ 250 Per Month Per Location
  • For Stores, Chains, and Scaled Operations
  • Multi-Location Tracking
  • Audit Inventory
  • POS & Website Integrations

Shopify Sync

$ 50 Per Month Enterprise Only
  • Full Shopify Website Integration
  • Listing/Delisting
  • Sale Detection
  • Individual
  • Enterprise
  • Shopify Sync Add-On
IndividualEnterpriseShopify Sync Add-On
$0 +
1.5% Delist Fee
$250/Month (per location)
usersSmall and medium sized resellersstores, chains, scaled operationsEnterprise users only
Track financials and inventory...From one placefrom multiple locations
IntegrationsebayPOS, website, and ebayshopify website integration
Price$0 + 1.5% Delist Fee$250/month (per location)$50/month with enterprise plan

Copyt Network

Need a certain SKU? No more Discord groups or asking 50 people. Share and view live inventory from other resellers on Copyt Network. Easily add/remove other resellers and search directly for SKUs that you want.

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  • Individual
  • Enterprise
1.5% Delisting Fee
$300 /Month
Inventory Management
Manage inventory all in one place with Copyt. With multiple ways to organize your shoes, easily keep up with your inventory without any more messy spreadsheets to hold you back.
Financial Analytics
View total sales, value of inventory, profit margin and more on our easy to read dashboard.
Automatic Listing & Delisting
Say goodbye to double sales. With just one click, Copyt allows you to list across multiple platforms. We scan the listings constantly so that when one sells, we delist all the other active listings for you.
Intelligent Autofill
Copyt has autofill that actually works. Enter the SKU, and all fields will be filled out besides condition, photos, and pricing.
No Hassle Consignment
Easily consign with your favorite shops through Copyt. Our platform allows you to apply to become a consignor at stores nearby, or even across the country.
Import / Export Inventory
With the click of a button, import your inventory with a .csv file in seconds. Have a needy customer? Instantly export your inventory into one file and send it to that buyer.
eBay Integration
Copyt has an official integration with eBay. This means listing and delisting to eBay works every single time. A small 1.5% delisting fee applies when a shoe sells.
Copyt Network
Copyt Network connects you to other Copyt users. If you want a certain shoe, search on Copyt Network to buy directly from another Copyt user.
Shopify Site Integration
Link your Shopify site directly to Copyt. Keeping your inventory, financials, and website up to date has never been so easy.
Shopify POS Integration
Just like your site, all of your payments are tracked by Copyt. This means your online and in-store sales finally mirror your inventory. Imagine how easy taxes will be next year!
Square POS Integration
In case you don't use Shopify POS, we've got Square too! Never miss a sale or a dollar of profit with this additional POS integration.
Barcode Scanner
Available on mobile, simply point your camera at the UPC barcode of any sneaker and its details are auto-filled. The barcode scanner fills out more fields than a simple SKU, and it's twice as fast.
Barcode Generation
It's time to take control of that backroom and get things organized. Copyt generates a printable barcode for each item to help you keep things neat and tidy.
Custom Description Templates
Copyt will always auto generate a description for your listing. We know everyone likes to have their own flare when describing their sneakers. Customize and save your favorite description templates easily on Copyt.
Inventory Tagging System
Add tags to inventory to keep your team on the same page. Think about how easy it would be if everyone knew what to "Sell ASAP" or "Hold" until it goes up in value.
SKU Tracking
Copyt uses Shopify's SKU generator and syncs across all of your platforms. No more losing shoes, no more disorganization. Copyt will give you one internal SKU to use for each sneaker on hand, even if its the same size and color as another.
Location & Sub-Location Tracking
Whether you have one backroom or 5 backrooms, Copyt has the tools you need to keep track of your inventory. You can even track shoes across multiple store locations.
Smart Pricing
Nobody likes to lose to StockX listings. Easily have all of your shoes priced at the margin you choose. If your store sells at 10% over StockX, forget the calculator, we made things easier.
Bulk Pricing Editor
Prices went through the roof... or maybe they bricked. Either way, Copyt has you covered. Edit the pricing of large amounts of shoes quickly and efficiently.
Inventory Batch Tools
So you copped a full size run. Upload it to Copyt in seconds by duplicating a preexisting pair of kicks and entering the size, quantity, and prices of your new pickups.
Consignor Management
Consignment shouldn't be reserved for the biggest stores in the country. Copyt has made accepting new consignors and managing their inventory as easy as it can be. Plus, consignors can view the status of their items as it moves through your system.
Consignor Payout Tool
Enterprises can payout consignors at their own rate at the click of a button.