Copyt Community

Copyt has several different resources to help your resale process. On our socials, we announce new features, show clips from catching up with Copyt customers, and have resources to make your experience with Copyt the best it can be. 

Copyt Discord puts a global community of sneakerheads one click away. We have:

  • Announcements of new features and company updates
  • Chats to meet other resellers and build and grow your sneaker network
  • Support for Copyt to solve any problems you run into
Feature Tutorials and ways to maximize your resale experience using Copyt are posted on YouTube as well.

Copyt Network

You can...

Copyt Network allows you to share shoe inventory with other resellers, so you can sell business-to-business.

No more expiring stories, buried sale posts, or text blasts to share your inventory.

With Copyt Network, you list a product just like you do on eBay or your PoS. The product is then shared with users you add to your Network, and they can buy directly from you.

You can also bundle items together and message other resellers that have inventory that you want.

No more worrying about how you’re going to show customers all the shoes you have.

Copyt Network makes the buy-sell-trade process as easy as it can be.