The Kicks Source’s Review of Copyt

Copyt co-founder Brett Nilsen recently caught up on Instagram Live with The Kicks Source owner Sam Armardi to get his review of Copyt.  Sam’s store, The Kicks Source, is at 200 Carroll St #160, Fort Worth, TX 76107, and offers inventory online at Sam discussed that managing consignors is one of his favorite parts […]

An Essential Part of Store Success–Here’s How to Improve Consignment

For any secondhand store, sneakers or not, consignment is one of–if not THE–most important part of running the store.  For some stores, consignment is the entire business model and makes up a majority of the profits, and for some it is only a sector of the offerings. Either way, consignment is important because that is […]

The Secondhand Apparel Market is Exploding

It’s no surprise that the secondhand apparel market is growing quickly, but the last year solidified its place as a significant shareholder in all of commerce.  ThredUp recently released their annual Resale Report, and there are some impressive statistics: One in three apparel items bought in the last 12 months were secondhand. Online resale in […]

New Balance Shoe Collaborations are Dominating!

Recently, we’ve noticed New Balance shoe collaborations are some of the hottest shoes.  New Balance have an ongoing collaboration with designer Aime Leon Dore, and that collab has released some serious heat.  They’ve also paired up with rapper Action Bronson, sneaker store Bodega, and designer Joe Freshgoods recently. None of these names are the biggest, […]

Watch Out for the Nike Mac Attack

After decades of teasing and spotting fashion icons, the Nike Mac Attack is going to be making a comeback. The shoes are tennis star John “Johnny Mac” McEnroe’s, and they debuted in 1984. The shoes haven’t been released in four decades.  In early 2012, Nike released the Nike Manor, a shoe based on Mac Attacks […]

Basketball Players Shoe Lines: What is the Ceiling?

How successful can basketball players shoe lines be? Ranging from projects that crash and burn to ultra-successful Jordans, we’ve seen it all in collaborations between basketball players and shoe companies.  There are currently ~20 players in the NBA (out of 450) who have signature deals with companies. These companies range from Nike, Jordan, and Adidas […]

Tips to Maximize Resell Profits

The resell game is a tricky thing, because you aren’t personally making a product. That’s Nike/Jordan/New Balance/whoever’s job. You also aren’t selling a service like a handyman or financial advisor. This makes maximizing resell profits difficult to do, because you can’t just “improve your product.” You’re buying and selling other company’s products without a whole […]

Chunky Sneakers Now, But What’s Next?

Fast fashion goes in and out pretty quickly–that’s the name of the game. One trend that we’ve seen stick recently are chunky sneakers.  Some chunkier shoes are simply timeless, like the Jordan VI and Doc Martens, but we’ve seen huge growth in other platformed shoes in the last couple years.  Platformed Crocs, Converse, Vans, and […]

Are Kobe’s Finally Coming Back?

Nike’s Kobe line is one of the most successful sneaker lines in history. Kobe’s are the sneaker of choice by players in the NBA and are one of the most dominant basketball shoes in the sneaker world.  Following Kobe’s tragic death, though, Kobe’s have been hard to get. Are Kobe’s coming back? Kobe retired in […]

Musician x Sneaker Collabs

  The history of music being related to fashion runs deep. Musicians are celebrities, and people follow what celebrities do. Celebrities are trendsetters in just about every way, but musicians specifically are involved in the fashion world.  Musicians like Pharrell Williams, Freddie Mercury, and Kanye West have all paved the way in certain areas of […]