In the resale game in general, there are many things that go into success. So, we made some sneaker resale tips and how Copyt can help with them.

Inventory is the first step to success in reselling. Not just knowing what’s in it, but knowing what each shoe is worth, how much you want it to sell for, and how to sell it most efficiently.

Being flexible is important. The sneaker resale industry isn’t very rigid: there’s lots of negotiation, and deals don’t always come through. If you, as a storeowner or hobbyist reseller, aren’t willing to be flexible, there will be many less opportunities for business, specifically consignment.

Organization is another key factor. You keep customers by doing your job well. If you forget to ship an item or worse, sell an item you don’t have, one bad review will constantly work against you.

The last key point is to be quick. Obviously, the point of sneaker resale is to get the sneakers that are only out for a limited time, but shoes also sell faster on secondary markets (GOAT, StockX, Flight Club) the sooner you sell them after release.

These factors are fundamentals of any business model, but are some of the most important in sneaker resell. Investing in maximizing flexibility, organization, and being quick will pay dividends in the long run.

Copyt can be the solution for your company in any and all of these categories. Copyt helps you stay organized, and the ever-evolving platform is getting easier and quicker to use. 

Intricate features like being able to move inventory around easily in the case of a fraudulent order or a customer wanting a return makes reselling easier and help maximize efficiency.

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