Recently, we’ve noticed New Balance shoe collaborations are some of the hottest shoes. 

New Balance have an ongoing collaboration with designer Aime Leon Dore, and that collab has released some serious heat. 

They’ve also paired up with rapper Action Bronson, sneaker store Bodega, and designer Joe Freshgoods recently. None of these names are the biggest, but all of the shoes released are in high-demand. 

So, how is New Balance outperforming their competition in the realm of collaborations, when they don’t have anywhere near the most famous people working with them?


To start, New Balance’s shoes perfectly fit the mold of fashion trends today. Simplistic, recognizable, and high-quality color ways that offer neutral tones with a color pop.

New Balance’s collaborations go heavy on the color pops. They also bring in a variety of textures, which make the shoes distinguishable compared to non-collaborative New Balance shoes. 

So, what can other shoe companies do to keep up and bring some heat of their own? 

New Balance bridges the worlds of trendiness and simplicity very well, and that is the key to their success. 

For other companies, being timeless is the key. Simplicity is timeless (reference the Jordan 1, Adidas Samba, and LL Bean boots). When a company can offer a product that doesn’t just look like a trend, it’s invaluable.

New Balance’s collaborations follow the same script, and offer a unique shoe that won’t immediately go out of style.

Also, I think New Balance’s popularity is a testament to the company being true to itself.

Their shoe designs have remained consistent through the decades, and their time has come. A furry pink New Balance shoe next to the text regarding different textures

We are excited to see what New Balance has to offer next and how they keep growing in the sneaker game.

Mateo Moyon

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