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After decades of teasing and spotting fashion icons, the Nike Mac Attack is going to be making a comeback. The shoes are tennis star John “Johnny Mac” McEnroe’s, and they debuted in 1984. The shoes haven’t been released in four decades. 

In early 2012, Nike released the Nike Manor, a shoe based on Mac Attacks but with no swoosh. More samples spread through the decade, but Nike never came through. 

Lebron James walked the NBA tunnel in an unreleased grass-fit version in January 2021, and Travis Scott was seen rocking them courtside at a Brooklyn Nets playoff game that June.

These sightings were not left unnoticed by the sneaker world, and there has been a constant buzz for a long time now. 

But finally, to everyone’s relief, Nike recently released an ad featuring Travis Scott and Johnny Mac himself, both wearing the new shoes.

The ad states that the shoes are “coming soon,” and Nike has not released a date yet. Some sources have said the shoes will be out on June 23, but we can definitely expect the shoes in the next few weeks at most. Retail is set at $120.

Personally, this is the most excited I’ve been for a pair in a while. I need the SNKRS gods on my side for this one. These shoes are super clean, and will likely be very sought after. Expect resale prices to be pretty high for these. 

There are two things that make these special to me: the first being the exclusivity. Nike often has a trigger finger with bringing back classics too soon. This sort of takes the suspense and true exclusivity away.

A great example of this is that word just got out that the Jordan 17 Low ‘Lightning’ is coming back for the first time since 2002 in 2024. Those are certainly on the rare side of shoes right now. 22 years is a long time, but you can still get your hands on a pair if you just got paid ($400 on StockX).

It’s been 40 years since Mac Attacks released, and it’s tough to find any in new/good condition now.

The second thing that makes these special to me is the style. We don’t often see tennis shoes in the spotlight, and Nike Mac Attacks bring the heat for any sneaker enthusiast. It’s an interesting combo of Air Force 1 and almost the Jordan 10 to some extent. These are some of the most pure, classic looking shoes that I’ve seen in a while, accompanied by Dunks and New Balance 550s. The grayscale color combo finishes the design beautifully.

Mateo Moyon

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