Fast fashion goes in and out pretty quickly–that’s the name of the game. One trend that we’ve seen stick recently are chunky sneakers. 

Some chunkier shoes are simply timeless, like the Jordan VI and Doc Martens, but we’ve seen huge growth in other platformed shoes in the last couple years. 

Platformed Crocs, Converse, Vans, and all sorts of designer brands are hot right now

I anticipate chunky shoes staying around for a while. We’ve seen more and more celebrities wearing them, and ridiculous shoes like Mschf’s huge red boots are trendy. 

That being said, though, chunky sneakers likely won’t stay forever. They’ve gone out in the past, which means another trend will have to replace them. 

And what will be the replacement?

Well, two things are for sure. When you’re wearing large shoes, the only direction to go is smaller. Also, there is an alternating pattern roughly by decade between athletic clothing and a little bit more formal–consider 80s fashion vs. 90s fashion. 

Currently, clothing that is more formal is in: chino pants and jeans, flannels, tennis skirts, and shoes like Stan Smith’s. You know the type. Naturally, I expect we’ll revert to athletic wear sooner or later. 

When that happens, the shoe industry will see some change. Running shoes will be more relevant, alongside Jordan 1s, Blazers, and shoes that look good with sweatpants. 

Colors also tend to get more bright during the athletic wear phases, so expect loud shoes. Remember those KD 6s from 2013 that you either had or wanted? Shoes like that will rebound. 

So if you want to be ahead of the curve, in a few years, start loading up on some obnoxious (small) shoes and pull your sweatpants out of the attic. 

Mateo Moyon

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