Patrick Ewing’s ‘Ewing Athletics’ are teaming up with Mike’s Hot Honey to drop the Ewing ‘Hot Honey Sport Lite.’ Mike’s are the leaders of the hot honey industry, and Ewing are making a comeback in the sneaker industry. 

Ewing Athletics was founded by NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing after he faced shoe-deal free agency. 

Adidas’ business was in limbo, and they couldn’t pay Ewing his check. Ewing had the option to make the switch to Nike, but it wasn’t the deal he wanted. 

Unfortunately for Ewing, Michael Jordan was taking over the sneaker market at the same time as Ewing was dominating in the NBA. Nike’s big sneaker money went to Jordan, so Ewing went on his own: he founded Ewing Athletics. 

Ewing Athletics showed a lot of promise. They were a lower-price shoe that became popular in streetwear. The shoes retailed at a low $75, and caught fire in Ewing’s home New York City. 

Simultaneously, Air Jordans kept on growing while Ewings were always stuck in the shadow. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and eventually Jordan became the established brands in the global market, and Ewings began to fade. 

They didn’t totally go away though, and following celebrities (and NYC natives) like A$AP Rocky and Teyana Taylor being spotted rocking Ewings, the comeback started. 

Ewing Athletics’ shoes were known amongst sneakerheads, but didn’t compare to the first push of Ewing sneakers.

Recently, Ewing has teamed up with NYC groups like EPMD and Big L, and now Mike’s Hot Honey, to stay relevant in the fashion industry, but nothing has stuck as much as they want. 

We’re interested to see who Ewing Athletics can collab with next to claw their way back to popularity. 

Mateo Moyon

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